—Monitoring Services

STREC conducts regular monitoring of landfill gases. It monitors the composition of landfill gases, including Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulphide. Such regular monitoring provides valuable information regarding the spatial distribution of landfill gases and hazardous areas, if any. The monitoring also provides the trends of variation landfill gases over a long period.

Physical characteristics and chemical composition of leachate are dependent on the waste underneath. Monthly analyses of leachate at the laboratory will provide information regarding the leachate. Such information will be valuable in the event of leachate breakout or contamination of other water bodies.

Ground water physical characteristics and composition are important to the landfill. These information will assist in the detection of contamination of leachate on underground water body. Since most landfills are not sanitary type, the monitoring of ground water will assist in the early detection of contamination of leachate, if any.

STREC is currently contracted by CyPark Sdn Bhd to conduct environmental monitoring services at Taman Beringin Landfill located at Jinjang District Kuala Lumpur.


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